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reconnect to the life forces

The Art of Transformation is based on more than a decade of successful Somatic Experiencing© SE trauma healing work. Trauma is what hinders us to be in the full pulsation of our potential as beings on Earth and it stands in the way to fully take in the beauty of life. Trauma also keeps us caught in a mental jail, preventing us from seeing the world as it really is. Trauma is a state, not an event. It is a big ‘No Trespassing’ sign to the land of goodness and deep satisfaction.

In order to overcome trauma, we have to reconnect to the life forces and its principles like pulsation, polarity, coherence, etc. In becoming an Artist of Transformation, you learn how to be in alignment with the flow of life and nature’s organic life principles. Nature itself will show you the way.

To understand addiction we need to acknowledge that most people are addicted in one way or another. In my understanding, we can let go of compulsory behavior patterns by taking in the goodness of life for which we first have to create “good enough conditions”. This includes an unconditional intention for secure social engagement as well as an education about certain principles as we know from one of the Buddhist’s Noble Truths.

My understanding of addiction is based on being a survivor of a severe substance-based addiction that lasted for more than a decade. Overcoming addiction means overcoming trauma. From my perspective, addiction is trauma-based and needs skills and experience from both fields to not only stop using or acting out in other ways, but to heal deeply and find your way back to the land of goodness.

Simply put, addiction is just one of the many faces of the Medusa of trauma. And it is also a topic that speaks to all of us, as we as a society have a shared responsibility of creating a world where real relationships and real satisfaction take back the place that addictive patterns conquered in an act of an “unfriendly takeover”. It is more than a signpost that healthy indigenous peoples don’t know addiction. Our world has become a place to consume – and we have to find a way back to reciprocity.

“We are addicted to substitutes for real satisfaction.”

Really most of us share the experience of having been brought up in conditions that were in some or another way traumatic. Just think of the way we live: in boxes that we call rooms that are in boxes that we call houses that are in boxes that we call blocks – who could be in synchrony with the larger cycles of life, like day and night, changing seasons, biorhythms, etc. under such conditions?

Andre Jacomet

We are addicted to substitutes for real satisfaction. Nature shows us the way out, a way of change and better connections. This transformation can happen for anybody.

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